For four years at 22squared I was one of the lead creatives overseeing The Home Depot social and content account. All of the work created for the account was heavily based on target audiences and media plans. Here are some of my favorites.


The new Samsung FlexWash + FlexDry was about to hit the market at all the major retail stores in the US. Based on the appliance's main innovative feature where you can wash your darks and whites, tough and delicates, and so on... at the same time - in one machine, our creative approach aimed to reflect unlikely pairings that wouldn't normally go together, together. 


PPG Paint is a high quality, tough and durable brand known mostly by paint professionals. To launch its consumer facing line called PPG Timeless, which is sold exclusively at The Home Depot, we tapped into its well known durability to show how PPG Timeless can take on absolutely anything — even itself.

To do that we decided to compete against our namesakes. In a series of content videos we told a variety of durability stories. Paint colors named after food like 'carrot cake' illustrated washability. Names about nature told a weather-resistance story, and scratch-resistance became very clear through names like catnip.

The campaign stretched across multiple social platforms in inspiration based media units. We created Facebook Canvas Ads, Instagram Stories Ads, an interactive Snapchat game, etc. 

We launched the campaign with a lifestyle long-format video. And then we supported it with a series of product-centric videos that focused on specific product benefits such as Washability or Weather-Resistant.


Content video series created to illustrate Hoover's wash + dry feature.


The Home Depot wanted to generate awareness for its Cyber Week deals. We spotted an opportunity to create something memorable out of their 2015 platform: Build Cheer. As a brand that targets doers, we partnered with a wood worker from Atlanta and built 6ft tall letters made of wood that spelled Build Cheer.

The sculpture served as our display for the Cyber Week products, which we wrapped in custom-made wrapping paper designed in house. After the teaser social post went live, we followed up with other post versions with unwrapped product and other specific product lines. The social posts converted to an astounding 32 million dollars in product sales.



We partnered with Snapchat to create a series of ads to run on ESPN's Discover page during the height of college football season. Since most Snapchat users probably wouldn't care much for an ad from a home improvement store, we opted to put our tailgating essentials front-and-center in an over-the-top pregame celebration. Each ad plays out in a perfect loop, making the creative genuinely native to Snapchat and giving users a reason to watch over and over again. 


When one of your major home appliances breaks down, everything comes to a halt. To raise awareness and consideration of The Home Depot as an appliance provider, we created three spots that dramatize the moment of when an appliance breaks down on you. 


Home Decorators Collection is a design brand from The Home Depot that offers a suprisingly wide range of high-end home decor. To increase awareness of this line of products we partnered with two influencers and created beautiful and sleek custom content that ranged from Facebook Canvas Ads to Instagram Carousel, Facebook link ads and Pinterest Cinemagraphs.

The creative was inspired by the common but not very pretty silo product imagery (product over white background) we often see on the social space. We used silo images as our starting point and then disrupted the frame to showcase how beautiful a makeover room can look when you work with products from Home Decorators Collection.


Phillips sells LED dimmable vintage-looking lamps that save consumers a ton in electricy without compromising looks. We created a content series of Instagram Ads, Facebook Link Ads, Facebook Carousel and Pinterest Videos that illustrated both benefits of the product.


The Home Depot is the official sponsor of College Game Day. In order to highlight its tailgating gear we created a series of pre-rolls that gave fans a glimpse of what the hosts of College Game day would be up to if they didn't have to host the show every weekend. 

We also create The Home Depot's first 360º video, in which Rece Davis decides to host a grilling show and recruits his fellow celebrity friends to help him record it.