Some people go for a run when they're stressed out.
Others do yoga, some eat nutella.

I bake, animate and draw. And then I eat nutella.


Earth isn’t just our home for the holidays, it’s the only home we’ve got. But with climate change undeniably at our door, BBDOMPLS decided these Holidays asked for a different cookie decorating approach.

We created a series of 12 posters showcasing unique cookies, each representing a different sobering fact of where earth is headed.

The fun aspect of this project? I designed, baked and iced the cookies myself. And then I ate them... that was fun!


Inspired by my personal necessity to communicate with friends using moving images, I realized there's a lack of artistic representation of LGBTQ-themed GIFs on social media. 

In response to that, I created an Instagram account called Gaynimation where I concept, illustrate, and create short animations that explore all things LGBTQ+.


In April of 2020 I posted on my Instagram Stories that I'd draw my friends' pets in exchange for a donation to support health care professionals working in NYC. My friends, and their friends, and their friends' friends jumped at the idea. Dozens of illustrations later, our collective donations were turned into care packages for nurses across multiple NYC Hospitals.


One of the best websites in the world - if you ask me - invited me to feature my gifs under their Selected Artists category. Makin' mom proud one GIF at a time!


For International Women's Day, we created and designed an internal campaign based on data research done at 22squared. First, we created a website that posed a simple question to all of our female employees:

What's the one thing you hate being called at work?
(All answers were anonymous).

Using the data from their answers, we created a series of posters meant to make every 22squared employee stop and think about the words they've often used around the workplace when speaking to - or about - women. 

We also created posters and animations that we shared with all of 22's employees,
allowing them to participate in the idea and share which words spoke to them the most on
their social channels.