Peanut butter consumption has changed over the last few years. From parents making kids' lunches to schools banning PB from their grounds, peanut butter has graduated from PB + Jelly to millennials' new favorite protein snack.

To reflect that we created Go To Your Skippy Place, a campaign that mirrors our millennial audience real life struggles while inviting them to take a break from life with Skippy Peanut Butter. The campaing includes broadcast, social, digital, radio and POS. 


From March of 2020 on we went from enjoying summer outside to escaping to Animal Crossing summer inside. But then we found out even AC has its headaches... like how difficult can it be to get a blue rose? And why do I need to be an art connoisseur to get the real thing?

To give our Millennial audience a place to escape their own escape, we created an
Animal Crossing haven. The SKIPPY PB AISLE is a place where blue roses are aplently, turnips never lose value and art is NEVER fake. 


To cater specifically to Instagram as an inspirational platform we created a series
of "oddly mesmerizing" virtual escapes.