According to the Financial Times, white men run 98% of finance.
According to Fast Company, the average crypto-currency owner is a 38-year-old white male.

CoinCloud, the largest and fastest-growing digital currency machine (DCM) operator in the world, approached C-E and asked us to challenge the conversation around wealth, and question how it's built and who can access it.

C-E created a national campaign and short film directed by Oscar-winning filmmaker Spike Lee. The piece makes a simple, but bold statement: Old money is out; new money is in.


CoinCloud Sans

We worked with Jon Contino Studio to create a custom-made font for CoinCloud.

Social Media

A week before we launched The Currency of Currency campaign, all of the traditional media outlets cancelled our media buy plans, instituting a wide range block on crypto work. We pivoted our media plan to focus on influencers. If we couldn't be on Twitter, we'd be on influencers' twitter feeds. The same for Instagram, Facebook and many other social channels. Finally, instead of broadcast, we tapped into Roku. As a result, CoinCloud saw 750MM earned impressions and a 38% increase in CoinCloud machine engagment.